Zero Power Heart Rate

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A simplified chart of heart rate against exercise intensity showing Maximum Heart Rate, Heart Rate Reserve, Resting Heart Rate, Orthostatic Heart Rate, Zero Power Heart Rate, and Heart Rate Deflection.

Zero Power Heart Rate (HRzero) is how fast your heart beats when you are not generating any useful power by moving, such as standing still. HRzero is typically different to Resting Heart Rate (HRrest) which is measured sitting or lying down. While this difference can be small, it does change the calculation for Heart Rate Reserve and for calculating Running Economy and HrPwr. The difference between HRzero is typically different to Resting Heart Rate (HRrest) is used in the orthostatic test, where a difference of >30 BPM is a diagnosis for hypovolemia (low blood volume) [1][2].

The relationship between power output and heart rate, showing a linear relationship and the intercept[3].

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