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An easy to use web site for Garmin owners. The interface is very smooth, and similar to in look and feel. Ratings (out of 5)

  • Ease of use: 4 - Works very nicely with Garmin GPS.
  • Reporting and analysis: 2 - Some reports, but no detailed analysis
  • Social: 4 - Very easy to share workouts on Facebook, etc.
  • Flexibility: 2 - There are some options for reporting, but not many. No custom data can be added. Can export data to Excel.
  • Data Capture: Supports Garmin only.
  • Summary: A reasonable option for Garmin owners.

See Also

  • The importance of a training log, which includes a list of logging applications and web sites
  • SportTracks - The best training log, with extensible functionality via plugins. This is my top recommendation for serious runners.
  • Dailymile - This is my top pick for social logging. Casual runners can use this site as their only training log, or combine it with SportTracks fir more sophisticated analytics.