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This site combines a training log with Facebook style social interactions. Its user interface is very simple and clean. The limited adverts are not intrusive, and it interfaces into Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, etc. Ratings (out of 5)

  • Ease of use: 4 - Supports upload from Nike+, but others have to manually enter data. Very simple interface to use.
  • Reporting and analysis: 3 - Nice reports, though limited in their flexibility.
  • Social: 5 - Lots of built in social networking, plus interfaces to other social networking sites. There are no privacy settings on dailymile.com, so everything is public. If you want more control of your data, look at Runkeeper.
  • Flexibility: 1 - The data to track is limited, and the reports are fixed.
  • Data Capture: Supports Nike+ (not sure how well.) No support for Garmin (comming soon) or Polar
  • Summary: Great option for a simple training log, or as an online extension of another training log. (I use Polar ProTrainer + dailymile.com)

1 Images

Inputting a workout

752424928 J6PVG-O.jpg

Reporting (note some fun statistics like TVs powered or donuts burned)

752424891 VMyjz-O.jpg

2 See Also

  • The importance of a training log, which includes a list of logging applications and web sites
  • SportTracks - The best training log, with extensible functionality via plugins. This is my top recommendation for serious runners.