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This is an excellent training log application available from Most of the functionality is available free, with extras enabled when you pay the $35 license fee.

Ratings (out of 5)

  • Ease of use: 4 - I found the interface confusing at first, as it has its own user interface style. With a little use, the application balances a lot of functionality with good usability.
  • Reporting and analysis: 5 - The best reporting and analytics I've found, with extra plugins to add more functionality
  • Social: 4 - There are plugins to work with many of the social sites.
  • Flexibility: 5 - A wide selection of plugins, and the ability to write your own if you are a developer.
  • Data Capture: Support for various devices, some via plugins. The import option for Polar mostly worked, but introduced some errors.
  • Summary: The latest version (3) is highly recommended

1 Details

SportTracks is the best training log I have found, with the great analytics and functionality. I migrated from Polar to SportTracks recently.

  • Windows based application with Multilanguage support, cost $35 with a free version that provides most of the functionality.
  • Supports most Garmin GPS devices directly.
    • Polar HRM devices require the data to be imported into the Polar software and then exported and the file imported into SportTracks.
    • There is a shareware plugin for Nike+ and several other devices.
  • Charting and reporting with free text selection of data to include.
  • Many plugins to extend functionality. Some of my favorites are:
    • There is a weather plugin that will find weather information for a workout and provide charts of how the weather changed. Weather Plugin
    • For cyclists there is a power plugin that calculates your power output - a poor man’s power meter. GPS2PowerTrack
    • I have a plugin that will publish data to Dailymile and there is another for
    • Elevation correction of GPS data based on detailed maps. Elevation Correction

2 See Also

  • The importance of a training log, which includes a list of logging applications and web sites
  • Dailymile - This is my top pick for social logging. Casual runners can use this site as their only training log, or combine it with SportTracks fir more sophisticated analytics.