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Excel is an amazingly powerful tool, but using it for a training log is not ideal. Excel does not have any built in functions for things like working out average pace, though you can write your own. (Or email me - I've written some.) Has no issues with software being discontinued. Ratings (out of 5)

  • Ease of use: "it depends". If you are a heavy Excel users and are familiar with writing macros, this can be an amazing option. If you want something simple to use 'out of the box', or don't want to invest a lot of time developing the spreadsheet, this is a tough option.
  • Reporting and analysis: 2 - you can do some sophisticated analysis of any data you enter, but you have to develop your own functions to do so.
  • Flexibility: 4 - You can track whatever information you want and analyize it in any way. This would get a '5', but you have to code up all of this yourself.
  • Social: 0 - No option to share workouts online
  • Data Capture: None - all data must be manually entered
  • Summary: Better than Pen and Paper, or for hardcore Excel developers.

See Also

  • The importance of a training log, which includes a list of logging applications and web sites
  • SportTracks - The best training log, with extensible functionality via plugins. This is my top recommendation for serious runners.
  • Dailymile - This is my top pick for social logging. Casual runners can use this site as their only training log, or combine it with SportTracks fir more sophisticated analytics.