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The Science Of Hydration

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===Sodium Source Table===
Below are some sample sources of Sodium, with the concentrations defined.
{| {{table}}
| align="center" style="background:#f0f0f0;"|'''Source'''
Note: S-Caps does not specify the amount of fluid to take with each capsule, but does mention 'at least one cup', so this ratio is used. The per-pint and per-liter equivalents assumes a constant ratio of one capsule per 8oz of water.
See also [[Comparison of Gels]].
== HypERnatremia - the opposite of HypOnatremia ==
Generally, Hypernatremia (too much sodium in the blood) seems to be a result of dehydration rather than excessive salt intake <ref name="ref17"/>. It should be noted that taking electrolyte capsules [[Electrolyte Capsules]] bypasses the body's taste. This sense of taste seems to reflect our body's internal sensors; our desire for salty foods reflects our salt requirements.
== Salt and High Blood Pressure ==

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