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Comparison of Energy Gels

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==Hammer Gel==
Hammer is noteworthy as one of the easiest to digest gels. It is nearly all [[Maltodextrin ]] dissolved in a greater volume of fluid than other gels. The lack of sugars and electrolytes makes this far easier on the digestive system, and is recommended for runners who have issues with other types of gel.
For marathon distance racing, I prefer Gu over all other gels I've tried. It contains only 5g of fructose, with the rest of the calories coming from the more easily digested [[Maltodextrin]]. I find that Gu can be consumed without any extra water as long as it is taken a bit at a time and [[How to eat a Gel|mixed with saliva]]. Some of the flavors can be a little strong, but the 'plain' Gu has a light cola flavor.
==Gu Roctane==
This is an expensive variant on Gu, and I've not noticed any difference when using it. The amount of amino acids that are added is quite small (1.7g) and the benefits do not seem to justify the cost, which is roughly double the cost of standard Gu. On the other hand, if you are paying hundreds of dollars for a race entry (or even more with travel), even a slight edge may be worth it. If you take 8 gels in a 4-hour marathon, that only adds $8-10 to the cost of the race. Of course, you'll need to practice with Roctane in your training, so you'll have to factor that cost in as well.
==Clif Shot (new formula)==
The new formula Clif Shot uses [[Maltodextrin ]] like other Gels and is remarkably similar to Gu though it has slightly more sugar making it a little more difficult to digest. The previous formula used brown rice syrup that I found harder to digest and left a bitter aftertaste – nasty stuff.
==PowerBar Gel==
This gel is noteworthy because of its higher sodium content that may help alleviate [[Hyponatremia]] and [[Cramps]]. I found the flavor stronger than Hammer, Gu or Cliff, but still quite pleasant. You may need to drink some water near the time you take PowerBar Gel due to the extra electrolytes.
I like the 4:1 carbohydrate to protein ratio of Accel Gel, and I often use it in ultramarthon races. There is more sugar than I would like at 13g and the thin consistency makes it harder to eat slowly and mix with saliva.
==Honey Stinger==
Honey contains only simple sugars rather than the [[Maltodextrin ]] that other Gels use. This makes this gel much harder to digest than other Gels, and much sweater. This is the only Gel I've tried that has given me digestive problems when taken slowly. I also found the sweetness overpowering and unpleasant, though the honey aftertaste was quite pleasant. I would not recommend Honey Stinger Gels.
== #9 Chocolate ==
The only ingredients in this gel are Agave and Cocoa, and Agave is predominantly fructose (55% fructose to 20% glucose). This fructose is slow to be absorbed and can be difficult to digest, making it a poor choice for most runners. The only runners that this gel would be suitable for would be those that suffer from a blood sugar drop after taking more conventional gels. The Agave makes this gel intensely sweet, which I did not like.

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