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The Nike Precool Vest, made for the Beijing Olympics and not sold to the public. There are alternatives from Rite Temp and Hyper Wear.

Exercise produces not only movement, but also heat, and this heat can be a limiting factor in performance. A number of studies have shown the cooling the body to slightly lower than normal temperatures can improve performance in both hot[1][2][3][4][5] and moderate[6][7][8](18,24c) conditions. This pre-calling does not appear to change muscle metabolism, so it is probably just offsetting the natural rise in temperature[9]. Pre-cooling does not appear to help with Sprint performance[3][10][11], and the benefits may be limited to 30-40 minutes of endurance exercise[12]. There is some evidence that pre-cooling the working muscles and torso could impair performance compared with pre-cooling just the torso[10].

1 How to pre-cool

For most of us it's impractical to have an ice bath before training or competition. Even if it were practical, the chilling of the leg muscles may be unwise. Using an ice jacket is one approach used in several of the studies, but a simpler approach is to use a Jimbo Bandana before exercise to chill the torso.

2 See Also

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