Icing with a Camelbak

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Ice is a great way of healing muscles (Cryotherapy), but some parts of the body are tricky, such as hamstrings. Lying on your front with the ice on your hamstrings is uncomfortable for long periods of time. Sitting on the bag of ice causes the bag to leak as the ice melts. To overcome this problem I used a Camelbak.

  • Put ice into a Camelbak and screw in the top
  • Take off the mouthpiece where you bite so the tube is open
  • Put the Camelbak on a chair where you can sit comfortably
  • But a bowl under the chair, and place the open tube in the bowl
  • Sit on the Camelbak and the water from the melting ice will drain into the bowl

This approach also works well if you need to use a bandage to hold the ice pack against a limb. Note you may be the object of unprecedented mockery and mirth – you have been warned ;}