Polar ProTrainer

This desktop software only works with Polar Heart Rate Monitors, but offers the most sophisticated recording and analysis. Want to know how much time you spent each week at a high heart rate over the last 5 years? Polar reports can tell you. Ratings (out of 5)

  • Ease of use: 4 - just upload the data from your polar HRM. Extra data can be added manually.
  • Reporting and analysis: 5 - very flexible and sophisticated reporting.
  • Social: 0 - No option to share workouts online.
  • Flexibility: 4 - A vast array of custom reporting options, and data to work with. However, no custom data or ability to add new data types (body fat for instance)
  • Data Capture: Requires Polar HRM and captures lots of data automatically, with manual augmentation quite easy.
  • Summary: Best option for long term, detailed analysis, but requires investment in Polar HRM and has no social networking.

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Specific workout

752425478 cjvXx-O.jpg

Simple report (weekly distance over three years)

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Advanced report (time in heart rate zones above a particular threshold, weekly for three years)

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