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* The Footpods don't have an explicit start/stop, so I put them in my pocket while walking too/from my run.
* You need a Smartphone to use RunScribe.
* There's (currently) no easy export of the underlying data for you do to your own analysis. You can use URLs like [] to access the raw data in JSON format. =Examples=The graphs below are from a [[Lactate Threshold]] test used to evaluate the [[BSX]] sensor. The test has 3 minute stages of 20:00, 8:34, 8:13, 7:54, 7:30, 7:04, 6:40, 6:23, 6:04. You can display as many values as you like, but it gets cluttered so I'm only displaying three metrics from a single foot for clarity. This run is particularly interesting as I was fatigued and [[Glycogen]] depleted so it's more likely to show up problems. {| class="wikitable" |- valign="top"|[[File:RS LT SP SR BG.jpg|none|thumb|500px|Pace is in dark orange, rising steadily. [[Cadence]] in green starts off at 165 (walking), and then gradually climbs to a peak of around 200. It's interesting to see my Cadence drop at the fastest paces, suggesting fatigue is impairing my [[Running Form]]. To my surprise, the light orange line for Braking G's increases with pace. There is a clear jump in the latter stages, again suggesting my form is suffering.]]|- valign="top"|[[File:RS_LT_CT_IG_FT.jpg|none|thumb|500px|The yellow time shows Ground Contact Time decreasing slightly with pace. I'd like to see Ground Contact Time normalized to Cadence, which would reflect the total time spent on the ground. The green line shoes impact G's, which are fairly constant. The blue line shoes my [[Foot Strike]], which becomes steadily further back until it's an extreme heel strike, suggesting I'm having problems with my [[Running Form]]. ]]|- valign="top"|[[File:RS_LT_MPV_PE2.jpg|none|thumb|500px|The yellow line is Max Pronation Velocity, and you see it rise in line with [[Cadence]], which makes sense as the foot has less time to move through the distance, it has to move faster. The purple line is Pronation Excursion FS>MP and you can see it gradually decline with pace & cadence. The red line for Pronation Excursion MP>TO shoes a similar decline. In both cases you notice the line flatten off for the fastest sections, another possible indication of form problems. ]]|}
The LED light on RunScribe has the following meanings:

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