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Garmin 910XT

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{{DISPLAYTITLE:Garmin 910XT Review}}
The {{Garmin 910XT}} is an update to the {{[[Garmin 910XT}} 310XT]] with extra features, but it's more expensive. Probably the most useful feature for most runners is the calculation of [[Firstbeat| Training Effect]]. It can also record laps when swimming, is better at recording altitude, and can record [[Heart Rate Variability]]. If you can afford the 910XT, then it's a little better than the 310XT, but the 310XT is better value. (The 910XT is available with the [[Heart Rate Monitor]] as {{Garmin 910XT with HRM}}.)
[[File:Garmin-910xt.jpg|thumb|none|200px|Garmin 910XT]]
===Garmin 910XT Pros===
* The pros of the 310XT also apply here, so check out the [[Garmin 310XT|Garmin 310XT Review]].
* The 910XT displays and records [[Firstbeat| Training Effect]], an indicator of how hard or effective a training session is.
* The 910XT has a barometric altimeter, which is far more accurate at recording altitude changes than GPS.
* The 910XT will not display [[Heart Rate Variability]] but it is possible for it to record [[Heart Rate Variability]] for later analysis. This recording can be enabled from the ATHELTE software (there's a free trial).
===Garmin 910XT Cons===
* The cons of the 310XT also apply here.
* The biggest downside for most people over the 310XT is the price, which is significantly more than the 310XT.
=Comparison Table=
{{:Best Running Watch-table}}

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