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Garmin 310XT

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The {{Garmin 310XT}} is the best value watch for most runners. It is available with a [[Heart Rate Monitor]] for around $50 more. The {{Garmin 910XT}} is better, but not worth the extra cost for most runners.
[[File:Garmin310XT.jpg|thumb|none|200px|Garmin 310XT]]
===Garmin 310XT Pros===
* The 310XT is great value for money at this price level.
* The 310XT is a sophisticated sports watch, but is no harder for a beginner to use than most alternatives. In fact, its size and physical buttons make it relatively easy to use, especially when compared to the 4xx series Garmin watches.
* A great feature is the ability to use the optional [[Footpod]] to display your current pace while using GPS for overall pace, distance and route. Only the 310XT, 910XT and Garmin 610 can do this.
* The 310XT has good GPS accuracy. When it starts up in the same location as the last run it will acquire satellites quickly.The GPS is more accurate than earlier watches, and has a faster startup time. The optional [[Footpod]] also improves GPS accuracy.
* The housing is fully waterproof (to 50m/160ft), so [[Running in the Rain]] is no problem.
* The display is big enough to show four readings. I often display current pace, average pace for the current lap, average pace for the run and either heart rate or distance.
* You can upload courses and display them. This is great when running somewhere unfamiliar.
* There are several optional extras for the 310XT, including the already mentioned [[Footpod]] and heart rate strap. For cyclists there is also a [ speed/cadence sensor] and it works with various power sensors.
===Garmin 310XT Cons===
* Some people find the 310XT to be rather large, and it is much larger than a normal watch.
* The battery life is good for about 16-20 hours, which is enough for most people. Ultrarunners doing 100 mile or longer races will find this a problem, though it is possible to recharge it while in use.

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