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Ketogenic Diets for Cancer

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[[File:KetogenicCancerTimeline.jpg|none|thumb|500px|Timeline of the treatment of a 65 year old woman with Glioblastoma multiforme ..]]
=Non-Ketogenic Fat Intake and Cancer=
There are a number of studies that have looked at the general relationship between fat intake and cancer. [[Omega 3]] may help inhibit cancer, while [[Omega 6]] , and to a lesser extent saturated fats , may exacerbate cancer.
* Fat intake in a non-ketogenic diet impacts tumor growth<ref name="Welsch-1992"/>.
* [[Omega 3]] supplementation may improve the effectiveness of conventional chemotherapy and radiation therapy treatments of cancer<ref name="Hardman-2004"/><ref name="Hardman-2002"/><ref name="Xue-2009"/><ref name="Dupertuis-2007"/>, as well as directly impacting the tumor<ref name="Gutt-2007"/><ref name="Hardman-2007"/><ref name="Kato-2002"/><ref name="Rose-1995"/><ref name="Rose-1996"/> and metastasis<ref name="Rose-1995"/><ref name="Rose-1996"/>.

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