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Practical Hydration

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What to drink?
== What to drink? ==
Drinking just water without consuming salt is fine most of the time as long as you're not sweating a good idealot and on a low sodium diet. For shorter runs (marathon or less), salty snacks after the run may be sufficient, depending on how much you sweat and how long the race takes you. For longer runs, you may need to consume salt during the run. I drink water with 1/4 tsp of salt per quart as a cheap solution, or make up my [[DIY Electrolyte Drink]]. Many people use a sports drink or , but these rarely contain more than trivial amounts of electrolytes. While [[Electrolyte Capsules]] on longer runs. I dislike electrolyte capsulescan be useful, partly because I struggle to swallow recommend avoiding them, but also because they bypass the sense of taste. Our taste for salty things reflects our sodium balance. Electrolytes other than salt (sodium) are important, but generally not critical in the short term. * I often add a pinch of 'no salt' ([[Potassium|potassium]] chloride) to my drink to give me a bit of potassium. * [[Magnesium]] is vital for mental functioning, reducing migraine and maintaining performance.* Eating a nutritious diet is important to get a variety of micronutrients. (Bananas have a lot of potassium, but potatoes have more.) [[Magnesium]] is vital for mental functioning, reducing migraine and maintaining performance.
== The Fellrnr Drinks ==
Pre-run - 24-32 oz of fluid with 1/4 tsp salt about an hour before the run. This gives my body a chance to keep or flush out the fluids and electrolytes. (I also take a pinch of potassium salt ('No Salt') and a magnesium supplement before the run.) For training runs where I don't need extra calories, I drink add 1/4 tsp salt, plus a pinch of 'no salt' to each quart of water. This tastes a little odd, like very soft water. For races, or training runs where I want extra calories, I use Gatorade with the same extra 1/4 tsp salt, plus a pinch of 'no salt' to each quart. This makes the Gatorade taste very strong - try it before you run with it.

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