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2013 Croatan 24 Hour

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Performance and the Ketogenic Diet
=Performance and the Ketogenic Diet=
As those of you who follow my training know, I have been following the [[Ketogenic Diet]] since April 2013. While a discussion of the pros and cons of the ketogenic diet are outside of the scope of this race report, I have become concerned that I am a slower runner on the ketogenic diet. For this race I took on a lot more carbs to see if the combination of a routine ketogenic diet combined with carbs during the race time would work better. This combination seemed to suit me quite well, but my performance was still far below what I would expect. I don't see any other obvious explanation other than the ketogenic diet for my lack of speed. My training leading up to this race was solid, putting in a regular 100 mile weeks, with [ a 200 mile] [[Three Phase Taper| overload week]] and a good taper. I've also been doing [[Downhill Running| Downhill Training]], [[Altitude Training]], and my weight has been close to optimal though I did put on a few pounds during the taper.
=What Worked and What Failed=

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