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A review of graduated compression wear

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Explanation of columns
* '''Sizes'''. The more sizes that are available, the better your chance of getting the right fit. If you have larger or smaller calves, you may be more limited in your options.
* '''Size Increments'''. A small size increment tends to imply less flexibility in the fit.
* '''Elasticity'''. The more elastic a sleeve is, the wider the range of calf and ankle sizes it will work for. Not only is it harder to get the right fit with an inflexible sleeve, changes in your muscle size will cause bigger changes in compression. ([[MusclesMuscle]] s tend to swell slightly during exercise.)
* '''Taper'''. These sleeves all taper from the top to the bottom, ideally following the shape of your calf. The taper is the ratio between the size at the top and the size at the bottom. If you have larger calf muscles with small ankles, you need a high ratio. Similarly, if you have small calf muscles or larger angles, you need a lower ratio.
* '''Thickness'''. A thinner sleeve is generally better than a thicker sleeve in warm conditions.
* '''Comfort'''. This is how comfortable I found the sleeves.
* '''Length'''. This is the length I measured wearing the sleeves and different sizes will have different lengths, so use this as a relative guide. Longer sleeves that come lower down the ankle tend to put more pressure on the Achilles tendon, which can cause problems.
* '''Size tested'''. This is the size I tested, and my calves measure about 14.5 inches so you can see where I fall in the size range.  
==2XU Guard Calf Sleeves==
These [ 2XU sleeves] are my favorites of those I tested. They have plenty of elasticity combined with 6 different sizes, so they are most likely to fit well, and provide a reasonable level of compression. The thin material and the white color are ideal for warmer conditions and they stay in place well. They are also the only sleeves I tested with reflective strips, a useful safety feature when [[Running in the Dark]]. (Note that 2XU also make a 'Calf Sleeve' without 'Guard' in which is intended for recovery.)

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