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Comparison of Energy Gels

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* <sup>3</sup>The unusual nature of the ingredients in 2<sup>nd</sup> surge makes it harder to estimate the types of carbohydrates included.
* <sup>4</sup>The sugar value includes sucrose, fructose, glucose and other 'sugars'.
* <sup>5</sup>This is an approximation based on the amount of sugar, Maltodextrin, sodium and potassium, ignoring other ingredients. The water included in the gel is assumed to be the overall weight less the weight of the carbs, fat and protein. See [[C:\Users\fellrnr\Dropbox\The Science of Energy Gels| The Science of Energy Gels]] for details on the isotonic calculations.
* <sup>6</sup>This is the net weight of the gel; generally the packaging added 2-3g to the gels according to my scales.
* <sup>7</sup>The chocolate flavor has 1.5g

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