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Heat Acclimation Training

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* On return to a cool climate, acclimation lasts for about a week, then decays<ref name="Armstron1991"/>
* People who have always lived in hot climates are believed to have superior adaptation<ref name="Noakes"/>
==Strategies for racing in the heat==
What pace should an athlete target for a race? There are some guidelines at [[Impact of Heat on Marathon Performance]], but these should be backed by some more general strategies.
* You should experience the discomforts of training at race pace hot-humid conditions. This will teach you that attempting to achieve a personal best will fail.
* You must experiment to find your fastest possible race speed under similar conditions. Everyone is unique, and your adaptation to the heat may be significantly different from the norm.
* Develop multiple strategies as races rarely the way you expect. The ability to adapt mid-race if the conditions are unexpected is critical.

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