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A review of graduated compression wear

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|[[File:FrankenPants.48.jpg|none|thumb|x300px|These are my 2XU with the pockets from an old pair of [[Race Ready Shorts and Tights|Race Ready Shorts]].]]
These are my preferred running tights, with a useful level of compression. My wife added in some extra pockets in the back from some old Race Ready shorts, which was far harder than we anticipated. The latest version of these tights comes with a key pocket, and a waistband with a fastening cordwhich I [[Toggle Upgrade|upgrade with a toggle]]. Like all graduated compression tights, they do tend to slip down slightly, but the waistband keeps them in place. I find they are far more comfortable than Form Fitting tights and I miss them if I run in my 'ordinary' tights. [ 2XU Elite Compression Tight at Zappos], also available as the cheaper [ 'non pro' version], but the Pro is worth the extra.
=== Zoot CompressRx Active Tight (worth considering) ===
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