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A review of graduated compression wear

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Calf Sleeves
===Skins SOX===
[[File:SKPOW.JPG|none|thumb|x300px|Skins SOX]]
These calf sleeves do not seem to have sufficient compression to make much difference in training or daytime recovery and . However, I no longer use these sleeves've found them remarkably comfortable while sleeping, offering enough compression to make a difference. [ Skins SOX at]
===2XU Calf Sleeves===
[[File:2XUSleeves.jpg|none|thumb|x300px|2XU Calf Sleeves]]
These sleeves work well, with good compressionand are available in white which is good for [[Running in the Heat]]. I have the version with the stirrups, and which keeps them in place well. However, I 've found that the bottom of the sleeve presses on my Achilles' tendon, so I’d get the simple sleeves next time. The white color is good in hot conditionsmore than I'd like. [ 2XU Calf Sleeves at] 
==Medical Compression Socks==
My first test of compression socks used some medical compression socks from a local pharmacy. These helped recovery, but I found the compression of the foot too high. Simply cutting the feet off produced a cheap and cheerful calf compression sleeve.

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