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The Science Of Hydration

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Sodium Loss Table
==Sodium Loss Table==
Note: the The table below is taken from published literature, but is not supported by based on the latest research on will be updated in the near futureshowing that sweat sodium concentration increases with sweat rate.{| {{The table}} | align="center" style="background:#f0f0f0;"|'''Source'''| align="center" style="background:#f0f0f0;"|'''below is for a runner who is 174cm/70inches high and weighs 60Kg/132lbs, but you can create a customized chart at [[Sodium - mmol per Loss]]. To check your sweat rate, simply weigh yourself before and after a run. Dropping 1 Kg or 2.2 pounds equates to 1 liter'''of sweating. (Obviously you need to adjust for any fluid intake and avoid urination.) {| alignclass="centerwikitable" style="background:#f0f0f0;"|'''Sodium - grams per liter'''| align="center" style="background:#f0f0f0;"|'''Sodium - grams per pint'''| align="center" style="background:#f0f0f0;"|'''Salt - grams per pint'''
|Blood<center></center> |<center></center> |140colspan="3" |<center>'''Heat Adapted'''</center> |colspan="3.2" ||1.5||3.9<center>'''Heat Naive'''</center> 
|Low <center>'''Sweat of un-acclimated, unfitRate'''</center> |<center>'''Sweat Rate'''</center> |80<center>'''Sweat Concentration'''</center> |<center>'''Sodium Loss'''</center> |1.8<center>'''Sodium Loss'''</center> |<center>'''Sweat Concentration'''</center> |0.9|<center>'''Sodium Loss'''</center> |2.2<center>'''Sodium Loss'''</center> 
|Sweat of un-acclimated, fit<center>'''(l/hr)'''</center> |<center>'''(mg/cm3/min)'''</center> |60<center>'''(mmol/l)'''</center> |<center>'''(mg/hr)'''</center> |1.4<center>'''(tsp/hr)'''</center> |<center>'''(mmol/l)'''</center> |0.7<center>'''(mg/hr)'''</center> ||1.7<center>'''(tsp/hr)'''</center> 
|Sweat of acclimated, fit<center>'''0.5'''</center> |<center>'''0.49'''</center> |<div align="right">15</div> |<div align="right">338</div> |<div align="right">0.1</div> |<div align="right">51</div> |<div align="right">578</div> |<div align="right">0.2</div> |-|<center>'''1'''</center> |<center>'''0.98'''</center> |40<div align="right">51</div> |<div align="right">1153</div> |<div align="right">0.95</div> |<div align="right">81</div> |<div align="right">1839</div> |<div align="right">0.48</div> |-|<center>'''1.5'''</center> |<center>'''1.47'''</center> |<div align="right">108</div> |<div align="right">2445</div> |<div align="right">1.1</div> |<div align="right">111</div> |<div align="right">3784</div> |<div align="right">1.6</div> |-|<center>'''2'''</center> |<center>'''1.96'''</center> |<div align="right">185</div> |<div align="right">4213</div> |<div align="right">1.8</div> |<div align="right">141</div> |<div align="right">6411</div> |<div align="right">2.8</div> |-|<center>'''2.5'''</center> |<center>'''2.45'''</center> |<div align="right">284</div> |<div align="right">6458</div> |<div align="right">2.8</div> |<div align="right">171</div> |<div align="right">9722</div> |<div align="right">4.2</div> 
==Sodium Loss and Sweat Rate==
The concentration of sodium in sweat depends on the sweat rate. This is believed to be because the sweat is released with a high sodium concentration, then the sodium is reabsorbed before it reaches the surface. The faster the sweating, the less chance for reabsorption.

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