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Altra Escalante Racer

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=Update after 275 Miles=
[[File:Escalante Racer 275 miles.jpg|center|thumb|300px|]]
After 275 miles, the Escalante Racer has some midsole compression under the ball of the foot, but not enough to cause me concern. The insole is holding up better than I would expect, with only a slight bit of compression under the ball of the foot. There's a tiny amount of wear on the outsole under the forefoot, and rather more on the extreme heel where I've scraped it doing treadmill descents. I've enjoyed the racer for a wider variety of paces, from long slow runs to interval training and everything in between. In some ways I'm enjoying it more than it's big sibling, though I suspect most runners will prefer the Escalante over the Racer.
=A Comparison with other Recommended Shoes=

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