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Lactate Threshold

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Lactate Threshold is a key component of running performance, and is a better predictor of race performance than [[VO2max|V̇O<sub>2</sub>max]]. Lactate Threshold can be thought of a reflecting a change from largely aerobic exercise to largely anaerobic exercise. Lactate Threshold is often used to determine the correct pace for [[Tempo Runs]], though the science indicates such training is ineffective at best. However, Lactate Threshold provides an excellent way of monitoring the effectiveness of your training, and provides an objective estimate of your race pace. Unfortunately, measuring Lactate Threshold is time consuming and expensive, with the gold standard MLSS test requiring three to five 30 minute tests on separate days. All other approaches to measuring Lactate Threshold seem deeply flawed.
=What is Lactate?=
''Main article: [[Lactate]]''
[[File:SmO2 MLSS Test.jpg|center|thumb|300px| A graph of lactate and SmO<sub>2</sub> above and below the MLSS threshold.]]
===Thoughts on SmO2 and Lactate Threshold===
I think that the currently available research indicates that NIRS and SmO<sub>2</sub>might hold promise for simplifying the measurement of Lactate Threshold. However, the research is at a fairly early stage, with only one study using the gold standard of MLSS, and the results are mixed at best. There are also indications in In some ways, I feel the research MLSS test above indicates that the indicators of SmO<sub>2</sub> is a poor option for evaluating Lactate Threshold are not always evident in all subjects. There is no indication if this is a problem that occurs in specific subjects so , but it could equally be argued that they will never get most existing approaches other than a valid full MLSS test result, or if it's a problem that simply occurs randomlyare equally flawed. Currently there are two consumer products available; [[BSX]] and [[Moxy]]. BSX is a fully automated approach to analyzing the data and estimating Lactate Threshold, whereas the Moxy is intended to provide the end-user with the underlying data to evaluate.(BSX is being discontinued.)
=Factors That May Influence Lactate Threshold=
There are a few factors that may change the Lactate Threshold (other than training)

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