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Product Reviews

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My reviews tend to be more critical than others you find on the Internet. I also tend to recommend the cheaper, better value products where possible, and I am willing to conclude that a product sucks. Like many sites, I gain commission from the links to sites selling the products I review, but I can afford to run this site at a loss, which gives me a degree of financial independence and objectivity. I also buy the products I review just like you, so I don't have a relationship relationiiship with a supplier that I need to protect.
=Comparison Reviews =
These reviews compare multiple products in the same category.
=Specific Reviews =
These reviews look at individual products or groups of products without a detailed comparison of the various options.
* [[Stryd]], the most accurate way of measuring your runs.
* [[Blood_Glucose#Which_glucose_meter | Blood Glucose Monitor]]
* [[Dirty Girl Gaiters]]

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