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Comparison of Energy Gels

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# As well as Hammer gel, consider Carb BOOM or SIS Isotonic gels.
# See [[How to eat a Gel]] for details.
==DIY Gels==
It is fairly easy to mix up your own gel, and this allows you to tweak the ingredients to your liking. You can have specific flavors, different concentrations, unusual ingredients like Choline, etc., which is not possible with a commercial gel. If you're intending to use a flask instead of packets, then the DIY approach is well worth considering, but I've found it tough to recreate the commercial packaging at home. [ The Planted Runner uses a modified FoodSaver bag] and includes a recipe. This is probably a much better approach than trying Ziploc bags.
=Gel Ingredients=
Here is an overview of the major ingredients in gels (see [[The Science of Energy Gels| The Science of Energy Gels]] for more details).

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