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RunScribe Plus is a version of the RunScribe Running Sensor that promises real time data. Unfortunately, RunScribe Plus was released well before development was complete, and I'd still consider it pre-production at best. You can follow the daily bug update at [1]. I've stopped doing any serious testing until things settle down. My questions and concerns right now are:

  • Will RunScribe Plus provide effective Ant+ communications to Garmin watches while preserving useful battery life?
  • Will the data be responsive enough to be useful? The TgForce sensor is the epitome of real time feedback, giving you information each stride. I'm concerned that RunScribe Plus will need too much smoothing to give useful feedback.
  • What will the accuracy be like as a Footpod? The Stryd footpod has always been amazingly accurate, while RunScribe Plus seems to be struggling with this seemingly basic feature.
  • Will the Power Estimate be viable? Without the stunning pace accuracy that we see in Stryd, the RunScribe Plus can't give a useful power estimate. And it's not clear that RunScribe Plus has an accurate barometer to estimate elevation (indications are it doesn't), so this may be a fatal flaw.