Katana Run

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A Katana Run is a long run with high intensity intervals interspersed throughout. This is a challenging style of workout, as it stresses your body in 2 radically different ways. When I do these runs, the high intensity intervals are above V̇O2max pace, but typically not "all out", nor are they long enough to reach Maximum Heart Rate. I feel like these runs are helpful for a number of reasons, though I don't have any research to back this up.

  • The [[Long Run] burns through glycogen, and the higher intensity periods should increase that depletion, increasing the effective length of the run.
  • The higher intensity periods will recruit more muscle fibers, which may complement the change in recruitment pattern that happens with glycogen depletion.
  • The faster running helps keep the overall pace from becoming too slow. I find that my slow pace is improved slightly with the intervals.
A HIIT interval from a Katana Run workout recorded with a Stryd.