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Running Sensors

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Power meters have helped cyclists for a number of years, providing a valuable metric around how hard the cyclist is exercising. Stryd is attempting to provide a power meter for runners, which superficially sounds like a good idea. Certainly, there are many problems with using Heart Rate to determine training intensity, and measuring VO2 is only practical in a laboratory, so and a power meter could be a better option. However Stryd actually measures movement and then calculates power. The details are a little unclear, as their website does not explain their approach or a well, nor do they seem to be any validation studies that I could find. It seems that Stryd measures Vertical Oscillation as the primary metric, along with Ground Contact Time, from a chest strap, so it's a lot like Garmin's [[Running Dynamics]]. It seems likely that you could perform similar calculations using the Garmin system, but I find myself unconvinced by the approach.
Zoi is unique in that it places sensors on both the foot and the torso. This allows it to gain a little more insight than other sensors as it knows about the movement of the foot and the torso independently. Eventually I expect to see a company produce a group of sensors placed on each foot, each knee, and the pelvis, which would give insight into the movement and impact forces across most of the body. In the meantime, Zoi is the only "multizone" sensor. It only has one Footpod, so it doesn't give you detailed foot strike information in the way that [[RunScribe]] can, though you could see them adding that functionality in the future. The Zoi gives quite a few metrics, including [[Cadence]], Ground Contact Time, Vertical Oscillation, breaking (at the torso, not foot breaking), of [[Foot Strike]] type (fore, mid, heel), Foot impact, and some [[Pronation]] information. Zoi has a smartphone app that provides real time feedback and post-run analytics, but I've not seen any support for displaying metrics on a watch. Currently Zoi is on pre-order in Europe for 150 EUR. I'd like to test this system if I can get hold of one.

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