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Glycemic Index

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* Even when the Glycemic Responses are normalized to that of glucose, there are still remarkably high levels of variability. The diagram below shows that white bread, which is typically reported as having a Glycemic Index of around 71 has some individuals with extremely low Glycemic Index responses, and some that are much higher. Even fructose has some individuals with an indicated Glycemic Index of over 100, when the literature indicates it is generally around 19.<br/>[[File:ZeeviF3 I K.jpg|none|thumb|400px| The variability when three standardized meals are normalized to the individuals Glycemic Response for glucose.]]
* This individual variability is a nicely shown in the blood glucose responses shown below. These graphs show the responses of two individuals to glucose and bread. Each test was repeated, giving two lines for each participant's response to each of the two foods. You can see that each participant had reasonably similar responses each time they ate each of the foods. However, the top participant had a much higher Glycemic Response to glucose than a bread, this is what would be expected from the published Glycemic Index values. However, the participant in the lower graph has an inverted response, with higher glycemic response to bread than glucose.<br/>[[File:ZeeviF2 E.jpg|none|thumb|300px| The blood glucose responses to the standardized meals of glucose and bread for two individuals.]]
* The cloths graphs below show two individuals Glycemic Response to an honors bananas and cookies. Here you can see the individuals had opposite responses to the two foods. Personally, I am a little cautious in interpreting this data as the honors bananas and cookies were not standardized. It's possible that the top participant had an extremely ripe banana, and a high fat cookie, while the lower participant had an unripe banana, and a low fat cookie.<br/>[[File:ZeeviF2 G.jpg |none|thumb|300px| The blood glucose response to anonymous and cookies in two individuals.]]
* While the study found large variability, it also found that the average Glycemic Response generally corresponded well to the published figures.<br/>[[File:ZeeviF2 F.jpg|none|thumb|300px| The average Glycemic Response in absolute terms to various foods.]]
The research team used the data from the 800 participants to create a computer model to predict the Glycemic Response of a further hundred subjects. This computer model was able to predict the Glycemic Response surprisingly well (r=0.70 for those into statistics.) Analysis of the computer model revealed a number of factors that tend to predict the glycemic response.

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