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Motorola Motoactv

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|[[File:MotoactvGarminDisplay.JPG|none|thumb|200px|The display of the Motoactv is wonderful at night. This comparison with the 310XT gives some idea of the difference, but this is with the 310XT illuminated, which only lasts a few seconds.]]
===Motoactv Pros===
* With the recent price reduction the Motoactv is less than $150, which is far cheaper than any comparable product.
* The Motoactv is easy to use, and my family prefers using the Motoactv over Garmin products.
* The Motoactv will display a true map of the area, showing the street layout, which is a huge improvement over the breadcrumb display of the Garmin watches. If you could upload a route then this would be great for running in a new city.
* The dimensions of the Motoactv are more pleasing than the Garmin 310XT/910XT. It still has a large display, but it is much thinner.
===Motoactv Cons===
* The {{Motoactv}} is discontinued, but still available.
* The Motoactv is 'water resistant' not waterproof. There are many reports of water damage and Motorola refusing to repair them. However, there are also many reports of using the Motoactv in torrential rain, which I've done myself. I suspect the issue is that the Motoactv has small covers for the headphone jack and the USB port, and if they are not in place, water can get in and destroy the watch.

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