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Garmin 10

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The {{Garmin 10}} is a simpler watch than most, with only a few functions, which makes it good for the technophobe. However, the [[GPS Accuracy| GPS Accuracy of the 10 is grim]], which prevents it being worth considering, even at this price. The 10 is the cheapest GPS enabled watch that Garmin makes, and price wise it fits between the cheaper {{Soleus 1.0}} and the slightly more expensive {{Garmin 310XT}}. I think it's worth the extra $30 over the {{Soleus 1.0}} for the ability to download data and automatically maintain your [[The importance of a training log|training log]]. However, the price of the {{Garmin 310XT}} has been steadily falling, and I believe the upgrade is well worth the price difference if you can afford it and don't mind a larger watch.
[[File:Garmin10.jpeg|thumb|none|200px|The {{Garmin 10}} showing the variety of colors and the two sizes that are available.]]
===Garmin 10 Pros===
* Cheapest Garmin GPS watch.
* Smaller than the 910XT/310XT and closer to the size of a traditional watch.
* Available in two sizes with either a 2.5cm or a 2.1cm screen, as well as several colors.
* The limited functionality makes it easy to use.
===Garmin 10 Cons===
* The [[GPS Accuracy | GPS Accuracy of the 10 is truly awful]], and is even worse than the 620.
* The battery life is rather short. It is claimed to provide 5 hours, and this is likely to cause an issue for slower marathon runners or ultrarunners.

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