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Altra One2

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{{DISPLAYTITLE:Best Running Shoe Reviews – Altra One2 (One Squared)Review}}The [ Altra One2] (One-squared) is a wonderful blend of light weight and soft cushioning, and is a shoe I love to run in. In many ways it reminds me of the legendary Nike Mayfly, though it is not as light weight as that groundbreaking shoe. The One<sup>2</sup> is not as softly cushioned as a Minimax Maximalist shoe, but it is a lot softer than the [[Saucony Virrata]] or the [[Mizuno Cursoris]], and lighter the [[Adidas Energy Boost]]. However the One<sup>2</sup> does not last very long, making it a relatively an expensive shoe in terms of cost per mile. {{H:WhatToLookForInShoes}}{| class="wikitable" |- valign="top"|[[File:Altra-One2-top.jpg|none|thumb|150px|Altra One2 top]] |[[File:Altra-One2-bottom.jpg|none|thumb|150px|Altra One2 bottom]] |[[File:Altra-One2-inside.jpg|none|thumb|150px|Altra One2 inside]] |[[File:Altra-One2-outside.jpg|none|thumb|150px|Altra One2 outside]]|}
* {{H:WhyBuy}}. It's a softly cushioned, lightweight show that''Midsole'''s designed for a human foot. The midsole [[Hoka Clifton]] is as soft as you'd expect in better cushioned, but a Minimax shoe, though obviously not as thicklittle heavier.** '''Cushioning'''{{H:cushioning}}. . The One<sup>2</sup>is softly cushioned, but because of its thinness it does not offer the same protection from rough ground that a true Minimax [[Maximalist]] shoe would. ** '''Drop & Shape'''{{H:drop}}. Like other Altra shoes, the One<sup>2</sup> is zero drop but with a slight rise under the arch. The One<sup>2</sup> tapers more gently from the ball of the foot to the front than most Altra shoes, mostly because it's so much thinner. The rear of the midsole is very slightly cut away to create a hint of a rocker. ** '''Structure'''{{H:structure}}. This shoe uses single density of foam, but they are deep grooves cut into the bottom of the sole, and some shallower grooves in the top of the midsole. (These top cuts are hidden unless you dissect the shoe.)** '''Flexibility'''{{H:flexibility}}. The One<sup>2</sup> is a remarkably flexible for shoe due to the deep grooves in the bottom of the midsole, and the shallow grooves in the top.* '''Outsole'''{{H:outsole}}. There is almost no outsole, just a couple of tiny patches of the extreme front and rear of the shoe. The bulk of the bottom of the shoe is exposed foam, which is part of the reason the shoe is so light as the harder rubber used on many shoes is quite heavy. However, this does dramatically reduce the wear characteristics, and '''I got only a little over 200 miles''' from mine before they needed retirement. * '''Shape'''{{H:shape}}. The shoe is the classic Altra shape, which follows the outline of the human foot much better than other makes. It has a broad toe box, but I find there is not enough height for my toes and [[Shoe Modifications| I still have to cut the toe box open]].{{H:TryCuttingShoes}}* '''Upper'''{{H:upper}}. The upper is reasonably thin, but more substantial than you would expect from a shoe this light. It has excellent padding around the ankle opening.* '''Tongue'''{{H:tongue}}. The One<sup>2</sup> has a classic tongue, but it's partially attached on one side to keep it positioned, which I like a lot. It has minimal but adequate padding.* '''Lacing'''{{H:lacing}}. The flat laces work well and remained tied. * '''Heel counter'''{{H:heelcounter}}. The heel counter is quite soft, and comes as far up the back of the heel as is normal for running shoe.{{BuyShoes|RW=T|RRS=T|AZ=T|ZP=T}}{{ShoeGraphs}}
Here are some direct comparisons with its potential competition.
* ==One2 and Hoka Clifton==Comparing the One<sup>2</sup> and the [[Mizuno CursorisHoka Clifton]] :* Similarities** Both are top picks.* Advantage Altra One<sup>2</sup> ** {{H:weight}}. The Altra One<sup>2</sup> is remarkably similara lot lighter, but its foam that lightness is a lot firmer, giving it a much different feeldue to less cushioning.** {{H:shape}}. The Cursoris actually Altra One<sup>2</sup> has a much better toe box .** {{H:drop}}. The Altra One<sup>2</sup> is zero drop though the Clifton drop is smaller than the Altraa traditional shoe. * Advantage Hoka Clifton** {{H:cushioning}}. The Clifton has a lot thicker cushioning. ** {{H:trails}}. The Clifton has a lot more protection on rocky trails.** {{H:longevity}}. Both shoes have a lot of exposed midsole, but similar poor wear characteristicsthe Clifton wears much better.* ==One2 and Saucony Virrata ==Comparing the One<sup>2</sup> and [[Saucony Virrata]] is :* Similarities** {{H:weight}}. Both are light weight.** {{H:flexibility}}. Both are extremely flexible.** {{H:drop}}. Both are zero drop.** {{H:outsole}}. Neither have much firmer grip.** {{H:longevity}}. Neither last very long, with the exposed midsole wearing quickly enough to make the overall cost per mile quite high. (The Virrata lasts a little longer than both the One<sup>2</sup> and the Cursoris, but .)* Advantage One<sup>2</sup> ** {{H:cushioning}}. The One<sup>2</sup> is also harder wearingmore softly cushioned.** {{H:shape}}. The shape is that of One<sup>2</sup> has a traditional running shoe, so the much better toe box .* Advantage Saucony Virrata** {{H:price}}. The Virrata is not often available at a lower price.** {{H:availability}}. The Virrata is easier to find, as good as either Saucony is widely stocked. {| class="wikitable" |- valign="top" |[[File:Altra-One2-top.jpg|none|thumb|150px|Altra One2 top]] |[[File:Altra-One2-bottom.jpg|none|thumb|150px|Altra One2 bottom]] |[[File:Altra-One2-inside.jpg|none|thumb|150px|Altra One2 inside]] |[[File:Altra-One2-outside.jpg|none|thumb|150px|Altra One2 outside]]|- valign="top"|[[File:Saucony-Virrata-top.jpg|none|thumb|150px|Saucony Virrata top]] |[[File:Saucony-Virrata-bottom.jpg|none|thumb|150px|Saucony Virrata bottom]] |[[File:Saucony-Virrata-inside.jpg|none|thumb|150px|Saucony Virrata inside]] |[[File:Saucony-Virrata-outside.jpg|none|thumb|150px|Saucony Virrata outside]]|}==One2 and Mizuno Cursoris==Comparing the One<sup>2</sup> or the Cursoris.* and [[Adidas Energy BoostMizuno Cursoris]] is another :* Similarities** {{H:weight}}. Both are light weight . ** {{H:flexibility}}. Both are extremely flexible.** {{H:drop}}. Both are zero drop.** {{H:grip}}. Neither has much grip. ** {{H:shape}}. Both have great toe boxes (but softly cushioned shoe, though not as light weight as the AltraCursoris is slightly better).** {{H:longevity}}. However, there are more differences than similaritiesNeither last very long, with the Boost having a raised heelexposed midsole wearing quickly enough to make the overall cost per mile quite high.* Advantage One<sup>2</sup> ** {{H:cushioning}}. The One<sup>2</sup> is more thickly, traditional foot bed shapesoftly cushioned, but impressive longevitythough the Cursoris is pretty good.** {{H:availability}}. The Cursoris is hard to get hold of and is discontinued.* Advantage Mizuno Cursoris** {{H:price}}. The Cursoris is often available at a much lower price (if you can find it).{| class="wikitable" |- valign="top"|[[File:Altra-One2-top.jpg|none|thumb|150px|Altra One2 top]] |[[File:Altra-One2-bottom.jpg|none|thumb|150px|Altra One2 bottom]] |[[File:Altra-One2-inside.jpg|none|thumb|150px|Altra One2 inside]] |[[File:Altra-One2-outside.jpg|none|thumb|150px|Altra One2 outside]]|- valign="top"|[[File:Mizuno-Wave-Runner-Cursoris-top.jpg|none|thumb|150px|Mizuno Wave Runner Cursoris top]]|[[File:Mizuno-Wave-Runner-Cursoris-bottom.jpg|none|thumb|150px|Mizuno Wave Runner Cursoris bottom]] |[[File:Mizuno-Wave-Runner-Cursoris-inside.jpg|none|thumb|150px|Mizuno Wave Runner Cursoris inside]] |[[File:Mizuno-Wave-Runner-Cursoris-outside.jpg|none|thumb|150px|Mizuno Wave Runner Cursoris outside]]|}==One2 and Altra Torin==Comparing the One<sup>2</sup> and the [[Altra Torin]] not only :* Similarities** {{H:drop}}. Both are zero drop.** {{H:shape}}. Both have good toe boxes.* Advantage Altra One<sup>2</sup> ** {{H:cushioning}}. The Altra One<sup>2</sup> is the Torrent a little heavier, it lot more softly cushioned.** {{H:weight}}. The Altra One<sup>2</sup> is much, much firmerlighter.** {{H:flexibility}}. This provides far less cushioning, but it does provide The Altra One<sup>2</sup> is a lot more flexible.* Advantage Altra Torin** {{H:trails}}. The Altra Torin has better protection from stones and uneven surfaceson rocky trails.** {{H:longevity}}. The Altra Torin lasts a lot longer.{| class="wikitable" |- valign="top"|[[File:Altra-One2-top.jpg|none|thumb|150px|Altra One2 top]] |[[File:Altra-One2-bottom.jpg|none|thumb|150px|Altra One2 bottom]] |[[File:Altra-One2-inside.jpg|none|thumb|150px|Altra One2 inside]] |[[File:Altra-One2-outside.jpg|none|thumb|150px|Altra One2 outside]]|- valign="top"|[[File:Altra-Torin-top.jpg|none|thumb|150px|Altra Torin top]] |[[File:Altra-Torin-bottom.jpg|none|thumb|150px|Altra Torin bottom]] |[[File:Altra-Torin-inside.jpg|none|thumb|150px|Altra Torin inside]] |[[File:Altra-Torin-outside.jpg|none|thumb|150px|Altra Torin outside]]|}
{| class="wikitable"
|- valign="top"
|[[File:OneOlympusInside.JPG|none|thumb|x300pxx150px|The One<sup>2</sup> and the [[Altra Olympus]] from the outside view.]]|[[File:OneOlympusOutside.JPG|none|thumb|x300pxx150px|The One<sup>2</sup> and the [[Altra Olympus]] from the inside view.]]|[[File:OneOlympusTop.JPG|none|thumb|x300pxx150px|The One<sup>2</sup> and the [[Altra Olympus]] from the top view.]]
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|[[File:OBCV_Inside.JPG|none|thumb|x300pxx150px|The [[Adidas Energy Boost]], [[Saucony Virrata]], One<sup>2</sup>, and the [[Mizuno Cursoris]]. (Top to bottom, left to right.) ]]|[[File:OBCV_Rear.JPG|none|thumb|x300pxx150px|The One<sup>2</sup>, [[Adidas Energy Boost]], [[Mizuno Cursoris]], and the [[Saucony Virrata]]. (Left to right.) ]]|[[File:OneBoostTop.JPG|none|thumb|x300pxx150px|The One<sup>2</sup>and the [[Adidas Energy Boost]] from above.]]
|- valign="top"
|[[File:OneCurosisTop.JPG|none|thumb|x300pxx150px|The One<sup>2</sup>and the [[Mizuno Cursoris]] from above.]]|[[File:OneTorinTop.JPG|none|thumb|x300pxx150px|The One<sup>2</sup>and the [[Altra Torin]] from above.]]|[[File:OneVirrataTop.JPG|none|thumb|x300pxx150px|The One<sup>2</sup>and the [[Saucony Virrata]] from above.]]
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|[[File:TheOne2Close.JPG|none|thumb|x300pxx150px|A close up of the cross-section through the midsole. Each of the blocks should be roughly the same thickness, but you can see where one of the blocks has been worn down quite a bit.]]|[[File:TheOne2Wear.JPG|none|thumb|x300pxx150px| Another view of the wear on the outsole after a little over 200 miles.]]|[[File:TheOne2Slice.JPG|none|thumb|x300pxx150px|Altra The One<sup>2</sup> cross section]]
=A Comparison with other Recommended Shoes=

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