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Heat Acclimation Training

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==Symptoms of Heat Stroke==
If you have any of the following symptoms while performing heat acclimation training, you should stop and cool off. Taking your internal temperature, ideally with an in-ear thermometer will allow you to double check if this is heat stroke. Heat stroke is caused by an internal temperature of >40.6 °C (105.1 °F), is extremely dangerous and can be fatal. The following can be symptoms of heat stroke:
* [[Nausea ]] or vomiting. These symptoms can occur before true heatstroke, as running makes digestion harder.
* Weakness. An unusual muscular weakness could be due to low blood sugar, but elevated core temperature also creates weakness.
* Headache. This can also be caused by dehydration, or low blood sugar. Having had headaches from each of the three causes, I have found the type of headache is different. My limited experience is that a headache cased by heat is particularly painful and intense.

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