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A review of graduated compression wear

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Calf Sleeves
I've tried a number of different graduated compression bottoms for both recovery and training. I was initially skeptical of the benefits of compression clothing, but I've become a believer over time. My [[Why compression clothes|review of the available research]] indicates that compression clothing is a worthwhile investment. Personally, I found wearing compression clothing while training improves comfort and reduces leg pain. I have also found that wearing compression clothing makes a significant difference to recovery. Recovery compression tights reduce discomfort while they are worn, and they also reduce overall recovery times. I even [[Zeo Sleep Monitor|sleep]] in compression tights on occasion.
=Calf Sleeves=
Calf sleeves are cheaper and more popular than full tights and offer most of the advantages. I prefer to run in the 2XU sleeves, and have the Zoot Ultra as a spare pair. I often wear the Zensah sleeves for recovery.
==Summary of calf compression sleeves==
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The [ Skins] sleeves are the most comfortable sleeves I tried, mostly because they provide so little compression. Without the compression, these do not seem worth buying.
==Salomon Exo IV==
The best word to summarize the [ Salomon Exo IV] is 'horrible'. They have almost no elasticity, so the chance of getting a good fit is extremely low, and the level of compression they provide is likely to change significantly as your muscles warm up and expand.  
=Compression Socks=
I have not included any compression socks in my reviews because I don't think they are a good idea. The primary problem with compression socks is that they put pressure on the foot in ways the foot was not designed to handle. Pressure that squashes the foot from the side can result in a [[Mortons Neuroma| Morton's Neuroma]] or other problems with the nerves. A secondary problem with compression socks is that they are much harder to size as you have to take into account the size of your foot as well as the size of your calf. In theory the advantage of compression socks is that they help prevent any swelling in the feet, but in practice I've seen few problems with just compression sleeves or tights.

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