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Comparison of Energy Gels

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== #9 Chocolate ==
The only ingredients in this gel are Agave and Cocoa, and Agave is predominantly fructose (55% fructose to 20% glucose). This fructose is slow to be absorbed and can be difficult to digest, making it a poor choice for most runners. The only runners that this gel would be suitable for would be those that suffer from a blood sugar drop after taking more conventional gels. The Agave makes this gel intensely sweet, which I did not like.
== Vespa Gel ==
{{Main|Vespa Gel}}
Vespa Gels claims to improve endurance performance by improving fat burning rather than providing fuel like other gels. The science does not seem to back this up, and they are remarkably expensive ($6.75 each).
==Special Thanks==
I'd like to thank Chris at the University [ Run For Your Life] store for his help with this article. Chris has talked to many runners about their experiences with different Gels and his help was the inspiration for this article. Chris was even able to provide me with some samples of Honey Stinger that he does not normally stock.

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