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The Science Of Hydration

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Sodium Loss and Skin Temperature
==Sodium Loss and Skin Temperature==
A study<ref name="skintemp"/> of sweating great sodium concentration for different temperatures has shown that sodium reabsorption is greater at high temperatures. Unfortunately the units used in this study are not comparable with other studies. The mechanism behind this is unclear, but the implication is that the sodium concentration of sweat in cooler weather may be higher than expected from the above studies.
[[File:Sweat Rate Sodium Concentration for skin temperatures.jpg|none|thumb|300px|Sweat sodium concentration against sweating great, shown for two different skin temperatures.]]
=Sodium Retention=
The human body is very good at maintaining its sodium balance under most conditions. The higher your sodium intake the higher the sodium losses in sweat and urine. There is evidence<ref name="a1946"/> that under moderate sweat rates and a restricted sodium diet that the sodium concentration of sweat can drop to extremely low levels. However, I have found no evidence to suggest the sodium retention is effective but significant switching rates.

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