Book Review – Trail Guide to the Body

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Trail Guide to the Body is an anatomy book that is useful in dealing with any type of injury, from the trivial to the serious. I believe that each person should be their own primary care physician; we are each ultimately responsible for our own health. The medical profession, including the family physician, sports specialist, surgeon, etc., is a vital component of our long term health. However, we should each take steps to understand and make informed health decisions. As a runner, it is important to understand basic anatomy so that when something hurts (and it will sooner or later), we have an idea of where the pain is, and what the causes might be. The trail guide to the body is a great book for explaining and understanding basic anatomy for an athlete. The diagrams are very clear, with descriptions of how to locate different muscles and bones. My biggest criticism of the book is its cost; it lists for $60. I managed to get a used copy in good condition, but it was still pricey. While it's not specific to Trigger Points, it can help identify the right area to look for a problem muscle.

More Info

The web site includes details of the book, including some sample pages.