Book Review – Nutrient Timing

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I came across the book 'Nutrient Timing ' by John Ivy and Robert Portman when investigating the scientific research around post-exercise nutrition. The authors have performed significant research in this area, and their book is a wonderful summary of the field. If I'd read the book before I'd spent time reading the underlying scientific studies, I would have saved time. However, doing it this way around gives me more confidence in their writing, as I've seen the independent research to back up their ideas. The book is focused on resistance (weight) training, but I believe this can be applied to endurance training when the training intensity is sufficient to produce significant muscle damage. Examples would be tough speed work or long runs. The book is reasonably short and is easy to read. The authors provide a distillation of scientific research that can be understood by most people. The science is backed up with a clear implementation plan. I would highly recommend this book to any serious athlete and to anyone who does any weight training. For more information, read Nutrient Timing The book is available from Amazon and sections can be viewed via Google Books