Timed Race Chart

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This form will generate a pace chart for timed races, such as 24 hour races. This chart is a table with the a row for the number of laps completed, and a column for each pace. Simply look down to find out how many laps you've completed, and then go across until you find the time that has elapsed. You will then see what your projected pace is for the race.

Fastest Pace This is the fastest pace for the chart in the form MM:SS. This min/Km if metric and min/mile if not.
Slowest Pace This is the slowest pace, and works like the fastest pace field above.
Pace Increment The pace increment in seconds. So if you put 10:00 as the fastest, and 30 second increments you'll get columns for 10:00, 10:30, 11:00, etc.
Lap Length The length of each lap, in miles or Km as selected.
Lap Increment You can output one row per lap, but you may have a very long chart. This setting will reduce the number of rows, so a value of 5 will show laps 5, 10, 15, etc.
Duration (hours) The length of the race in hours
Units MetricMiles or Km?
Start time (24 hour format) The start time of the race in 24 hour format, so 6am is 6:00.

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