Altra Escalante Racer

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After 275 miles, the Escalante Racer has some midsole compression under the ball of the foot, but not enough to cause me concern. The insole is holding up better than I would expect, with only a slight bit of compression under the ball of the foot. There's a tiny amount of wear on the outsole under the forefoot, and rather more on the extreme heel where I've scraped it doing treadmill descents. I've enjoyed the racer for a wider variety of paces, from long slow runs to interval training and everything in between. In some ways I'm enjoying it more than it's big sibling, though I suspect most runners will prefer the Escalante over the Racer.
=Update after 500 Miles=
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The midsole compression under the ball of the foot has reached the point where it's time to retire the Racers. The insole is badly compressed under the ball of the foot, but either going without insoles or new insoles doesn't correct the problem enough. You can see some wear on the outsole under the forefoot, but they've held up well for 500 miles. The wear on the outside edge of the heel is from treadmill descents, where I tend to scrape my heel as I get fatigued. The Escalante Racer has been a wonderful shoe, as you can tell by the way I've worn them well past their expiry date. I've been impressed by its comfort and its versatility, working well at all paces and workout styles. I wouldn't use it on trails, and sometimes I've wanted a little more grip on muddy asphalt as it's nothing like the super grippy outsole you get on Japanese racing shoes. However, the need for more grip as been quite rare, and it's been a shoe that I will miss. One of the best things about the Racer is the way I tend to forget about them when I'm wearing them; they're just a natural extension of my feet.
=A Comparison with other Recommended Shoes=