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Maximalist shoes typically have far more cushioning than a traditional running shoe, as well as typically having far less height difference between the front and back of the sole (the drop). This category of shoes was started by [[Hoka Shoe Review|Hoka]] and followed by several others, especially Altra. The early maximalist shoes started off with sole thicknesses of 40-45mm, and they used much softer foam to create a unique style. These issues often appear to have a much thicker soul sole than they actually possess, as of the midsole tends to wrap around the heel creating the illusion that it's actually 10 to 15 mm thicker. As of this category has matured, the lines have tended to blur as less extreme shoes become part of the maximalist range. Traditional shoe companies have sometimes attempted to mimic this maximalist approach, but often fail to use soft enough foam resulting in an overly large and cumbersome shoe.
=The Pros and Cons of Maximalist Shoes=
When runners of first to try on a maximalist shoe they are often surprised by the comfort and softness of the ride. This initial comfort is extremely appealing, but there are a number of caveats that you should be aware of:

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