Limitations of Jack Daniel's Running Formula

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I am a big fan of Jack Daniels Running Formula, but there are some caveats to his approach.

  • You need to have run a race so that you can use the result to determine your training paces. Jack Daniels does have other approaches, but this is the most reliable. I believe this is better than programs that give no guidance on training pace, or use the target pace for training paces, but it is a limitation.
  • The training paces that Jack Daniels provides assumes you are training on reasonably level ground. If you are training in a very hilly environment, Jack Daniel's approach is harder to implement. You can use a Heart Rate Monitor, but that is tricky as you need to have tested your Maximum Heart Rate.
  • There is no half marathon training program, with the intention to use the 10K or the marathon programs depending on your pace.
  • Only the quality days are provided for most of the training programs, with the intention that the runner works out how to make up the rest of the mileage. I like this as it allows for running fewer days per week, with more recovery.
  • I do not believe that tempo runs are the most effective use of training time, and prefer interval training. I would prefer a training plan that avoids tempo runs, though many people find them useful.