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Excel Macros are very powerful, but can be dangerous. Never execute macros from an untrusted source or that you have not reviewed the code! This is page is intended for the technically proficient ;}

1 Installation

These instructions for installing on Excel 2007.

1 Open Excel

2 If you don’t see a tab marked ‘developer’


2.1 Click on the round ‘window’ button in the very top left of the Excel window


2.2 Select ‘Excel Options’


2.3 Click on the ‘Popular’ and select the check box ‘Show developer tab in the Ribbon’


2.4 Click OK

3 Click on the developer tab in the ribbon


4 Click on the ‘Visual Basic’ button


5 Right click on the VBAProject, select insert, then module


6 Copy and paste the macros shown below into the text window. You can copy one, some or all of the macros.


7 Click on File, then ‘Close and return to Microsoft Excel’

2 Usage

Excel will interpret a pace as a time by default, so entering 7:00 will become 7:00:00 AM, which will mess things up. Enter any paces with a preceding quotation mark such as ‘7:00 to make it textual.


To convert a pace to the number of seconds use =HMS2S(cell), such as =HMS2S(B2). To convert seconds to a pace use S2MS for minutes:seconds, or S2HMS for hours:minutes:seconds.

If you wanted to add five seconds per mile, use =S2MS(HMS2S(B2)+5)


3 Saving a file with Macros

To save an excel file that contains macros, you have to save it as a '.xslm' file.


4 Loading a file containing macros

By default, macros are disabled when you load an excel file. You will see a security warning with an options box. To enable the macros, click on 'options' and select 'enable this content'.

If you do not enable the content, the macros will result in an Excel error '#NAME?'


5 Troubleshooting

If you get an error saying #VALUE? like this


The problem is probably that you have the wrong data type. In the case above, the macro S2MS (seconds to Minutes:Seconds) requires an integer number of seconds, not a 'minutes:seconds' value. Equally MS2S requires Minutes:Seconds to work correctly.

6 Brief Documentation

Macro Usage
S2HMS Convert number of seconds to hours:minutes:seconds
S2MS Convert number of seconds to minutes:seconds
HMS2S Convert hours:minutes:seconds or minutes:seconds to number of seconds
PaceToMPH Convert minutes:seconds as minutes/mile to miles per hour

7 The Macros

Function S2HMS(TotalSeconds)
   Dim Hours As Long
   Dim minutes As Long
   Dim Seconds As Long
   Seconds = TotalSeconds
   Hours = Seconds / (60 * 60)
   If Hours > Seconds / (60 * 60) Then
       Hours = Hours - 1
   End If
   Seconds = Seconds - (Hours * (60 * 60))
   minutes = Seconds / (60)
   If minutes > Seconds / (60) Then
       minutes = minutes - 1
   End If
   Seconds = Seconds - (minutes * (60))
   S2HMS = Format(Hours) + ":" + Format(minutes, "00") + ":" + Format(Seconds, "00")
End Function
Function S2MS(TotalSeconds)
   Dim minutes As Integer
   Dim Seconds As Integer
   Seconds = TotalSeconds
   minutes = Seconds / (60)
   If minutes > Seconds / (60) Then
       minutes = minutes - 1
   End If
   Seconds = Seconds - (minutes * (60))
   S2MS = Format(minutes) + ":" + Format(Seconds, "00")
End Function
Function HMS2S(HMSStr)
   Dim TimeParts() As String
   TimeParts = Split(HMSStr.Text, ":")
   Dim Hours As Long
   Dim minutes As Long
   Dim Seconds As Long
   Dim Offset As Long
   Offset = 0
   Hours = 0
   If UBound(TimeParts) > 1 Then
       Hours = TimeParts(0)
       Offset = 1
   End If
   minutes = TimeParts(Offset)
   Seconds = TimeParts(Offset + 1)
   HMS2S = (Hours * 60 * 60) + (minutes * 60) + Seconds
End Function
Function PaceToMPH(PaceStr)
   Dim PaceParts() As String
   PaceParts = Split(PaceStr.Text, ":", 2)
   Dim minutes As Integer
   Dim Seconds As Integer
   Dim mph As Double
   Dim Pace As Double
   minutes = PaceParts(0)
   Seconds = PaceParts(1)
   Pace = minutes * 60 + Seconds
   mph = 60 * 60 * (1 / Pace)
   PaceToMPH = mph
End Function